Amani Children's Home High School Building

The Amani Children's Home is a permanent home to over 50 children. Many of these children have been rescued from severe abuse, neglect, poverty or their parents have passed away with no other care givers available. Another 60+ children come to Amani from the surrounding community. 

Each day these children receive nutritious meals, quality education, medical care and mentoring. Amani currently has teachers and classroom space for K-8th grade. Those entering high school have been sent as boarders to various high schools in Machakos County. These high schools charge a boarder fee that ranges from $600 - $1200 per year. 

Building a high school at Amani would not only save these funds, but would ensure that these high school students receive the same care they currently have access to. 


Amani High School

Project Cost: $35,000

Impact: Hundreds of future high school students.


  • Large, four class room high school building
  • Extended education at The Amani Children's Home
  • Financial savings
  • Increased revenue stream from future high school boarder students