Kajiado County Well

Kajiado is in Eastern Kenya has been experiencing a two year extreme drought leaving the residents with little options for water. The drought in this region has decimated livestock to dangerous levels. This means that families have run out of food and financial resources. The drought in this area is so extreme it's made regional news. Our goal is to provide a solar powered, deep borehole well that will provide clean, reliable water for 2,000 people. This well will be absolutely life changing to the community and schools of Kajiado.


Solar Powered Well

Project Cost: $27,000

Impact: 2,000+ people, 1 secondary schools and 1 primary school


A solar powered deep-bore well pulls fresh, safe, consistent water from the ground. 

A reliable water source means residents can spend more time developing agriculture, building a business and taking care of their families. Studies have shown that in communities with reliable water sources, school attendance and overall student performance increases.

These wells eliminate the need for residents to get water from dangerous sources that can lead to typhoid, cholera and other life threatening diseases.