The Shujaa Community Training Center was a vision by Pastor Andrew Guya and a team of dedicated volunteers. The idea is simple and life-changing; Teach young adults a specialized skill they can use to not only earn a living for themselves but actually create jobs by starting a thriving business.

We want to create job MAKERS, not just job TAKERS

          – Andrew Guya


The Shujaa Community Training Center will teach trade skills as well as business, computer and personal skills to young adults who are not able to attend a university. With the skills they learn, these young people will be able to start new businesses that create jobs and help support families.

Amani Foundation

The Shujaa Community Training Center was started in 2015 with the purchase of land and the first building and now phase two is almost completed. In its final stages, the structure stands two stories tall with 9 classrooms and third floor for growth. Its purpose is to offer market-driven vocational training to the surrounding community with an emphasis on job creation. Targeting mainly young people who are underprivileged and/or those who never had the opportunity to finish their primary or high school. The aim is to empower these young people with the skills necessary to not only acquire jobs but ultimately start their own small businesses through grants or microloans. Job training in a variety of vocations will be offered from computer training & business management to catering and the culinary arts. These future small businesses can then employ graduates, provide additional training and contribute back to the center to help sustain it financially.


Work on the Shujja Community Training Center in Nairobi Kenya has finished with thanks to the generous support of all those who participated in last years Amani Invitational Golf Tournament. The monies raised at that tournament enabled The Amani Foundation to provide this life-changing project (ahead of schedule and under budget). As you can see in the images above, it was a substantial undertaking. Our goal now is to equip the classrooms with the proper equipment to succeed.


Ngagu Primary School serves over 750 children in grades Pre-K to 8th. These children are taught by a dedicated team of teachers offering lessons in reading, language, science, math and more.

While Ngagu Primary School is a public school, funds are often lacking for even the most basic of needs like building repairs, books, uniforms, and food for needy children.

The Amani Foundation
The Amani Foundation