The Amani Children’s Home Security Wall

In a country ravaged by drought, corruption, and need, we find a small plot of land that has become a sanctuary for orphans, young children who have survived circumstances we cannot even imagine. It is the Amani Children’s home. A home where the children have found peace, love, security, and hope.


Recently due to the devastating effects brought on by the covid restrictions, people have become desperate. Unfortunately, the home’s founder’s businesses to fund the orphanage have not been able to operate. Thankfully, the Amani Foundation and its generous donors have raised $8000.00 for the children, and they will have food and toiletries for the next eight months. However, the surrounding communities have not been so blessed, and desperate individuals have begun to sneak onto the property at night to steal. The children are scared to venture to the outside bathroom at night in fear of being taken. Their peace and security have been stolen.


There is a pause in this story, and it just awaits a happy ending, so why don’t we write it together. The love they receive has never wavered, but we need to give them back their peace, security, and hope for the future. 

90% funded

Campaign Statistics

Project Number: 21745
Category: Humanitarian
Status: Active
Donee: Amani Children’s Home
Location: Nairobi, Kenya
Objective: Security Wall
Goal: $15000.00

We’ll start the story, and we need you to fill in the rest…


And there was this group of everyday heroes who worked together to raise funds needed to build a security wall around a children’s orphanage. We couldn’t do it alone; we needed (your name here) to make a difference.


You are now the Author, and you can follow this story to its happy ending. 

Security Wall

90% funded
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