The Amani Foundation (a 501(c)3 nonprofit)  was established with the goal of helping indigenous organizations in developing countries who offer various services to people in need. These organizations are founded and operated by people who live and work in poverty in their own country every day. By offering financial, material and coaching support, The Amani Foundation helps organizations do what they do better.

We’re quite simply a group of volunteers from America that have seen first hand the devastation of poverty in developing nations. We’ve been on the ground and heard the stories of moms, dads, and grandparents trying to make a better life for their children. We’ve held orphaned babies, worked on life-sustaining building projects and taught classes in public schools. Our hearts have been captured by people that live thousands of miles away and we’re determined to help those who help others.


We’re not the total solution. We’re helping hands behind the scenes. We’re here to lift up the indigenous heroes that work day in and day out to bring help, hope and lasting change to people in need.

The Amani Foundation is a 501c3 nonprofit organization. 100% of all funds received go directly to recipient organizations. All officers, board members and staff at The Amani Foundation are volunteers and receive no compensation of any kind.


Our focus is simple with an emphasis on sustainability.

The Amani Foundation
The Amani Foundation

By helping local organizations with the resources to succeed enables them to make a lasting impact in their region. When they take ownership we see positive sustainable shifts in individuals, families and even entire communities.


Currently The Amani Foundation has three main areas of focused that will provide people the opportunities they need to break poverty cycles that hold them back.


Education is the key to entire families being lifted from the poverty cycle. The Amani Foundation is helping children thrive in primary school by supplying books, uniforms, teacher salaries and more. We raise scholarship funds to sponsor students through high school, university and trade school opportunities. Additionally we assist in the development of job training centers to give the next generation the skills they need to create jobs and provide for families.


Access to safe water is foundational to the development of any community. Safe and reliable water restores hope and unlocks potential. The Amani Foundation partners with indigenous organizations to supply long term clean water solutions. From well drilling, to solar power well pumps, to water filtration, The Amani Foundation makes access to life giving water a reality.


The Amani Foundation assists indigenous organizations and entire communities to be self sustaining. Through financial aid, professional networking and coaching, we help those in need help themselves. From sustainable farming techniques, to self-funding job training centers, to small business micro-loans, The Amani Foundation understands the importance of a “hand up” approach to eradicating poverty.

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