Amani Children's Home

Agricultural Development

Project Details

Location: Amani Children's Home, Machakos County, Kenya

Project: Land development, irrigation and chicken farming

Project Year: 2018

Community Impact: 150 Children and over 2,000 local residents

Project Fund: $10,000

The Impact

One of the goals of the Amani Foundation is to help organizations develop methods to become self-sustaining. Our investment in the agricultural development of the Amani Children's Home has created an efficient and effective environment for just that. 

This included the development of two acres of land for growing crops like maize, tomatoes, onions, beans and several varieties of fruit trees. And with the installation of a solar powered, deep borehole well, we were able to supply an all encompassing irrigation system to keep those crops and trees growing and healthy. We also supplied the children's home with a large chicken coop and over 200 chickens to produce eggs and meat. 

Even in the dry seasons, the Amani Children's Home is a lush, green oasis of life. The food they are now producing for themselves is not only supplying nutritious meals, but also teaching the older children vital agricultural skills.

"Before the well and the irrigation system this was all bare land. Now we have fruit trees and vegetables all year for the children. We even have enough left over to sell in the market and those funds go back into the home."

- Irene Bahati, Co-Founder and Director, The Amani Children's Home

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