Amani Children's Home

Solar Powered Well

Project Details

Location: Amani Children's Home, Machakos County, Kenya

Project: Deep borehole well with solar powered pump

Project Year: 2016

Community Impact: 150 Children and over 2,000 local residents

Project Fund: $26,000

The Impact

The Amani Children's Home was founded by Alfred and Irene Bahati to care for orphaned, abused and neglected children of Kenya. Starting with only one building and 6 children, The Amani Children's home has grown into a large home and school for over 140 children. 

For many of the early years of the home, the staff and children relied on a 90ft deep, open pit well for all of their water. This well often ran dry or was contaminated. Imagine having an unreliable well as your source of water for over 100 children. All of their cooking, cleaning, bathing and irrigation of a small garden came from this well. 

The Amani Foundation saw the need to provide these precious children with an unlimited water supply. In 2017 we raised the funds needed to install a deep borehole, solar powered well. The difference it has made is absolutely life changing! The children now have separate showers for boys and girls, restrooms with a septic system. a laundry station, a full running kitchen with water and they have been able to secure and plant crops of 4 acres of land!

"Before the well, life was so hard. We had almost 80 children to care for and without water, it's very difficult. We had to buy water often which meant less money for food, clothing, books and other things. Now, everything has changed! We have running water in our kitchen, laundry, showers for the children and even irrigation for the fields! We're growing our own vegetables for the children. This well has made all the difference!" 

"Momma" Ruth Mate Ondong

Head Matron, 2013 - 2021

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