Changuli Community

Solar Powered Well

Project Details

Location: Changuli Community, Machakos County (Mountain Region), Kenya

Project: Deep borehole well with solar powered pump

Project Year: 2019

Community Impact: 7,000 local residents

Project Fund: $25,000

The Impact

Imagine standing in a long line to draw water from an open pit, spring fed well. Imagine that community rules dictate that you are only allowed to draw a little over 10 gallons per day. 

Those ten gallons of dirty, tainted water is your only source of water for your family to cook, clean, bath, water plants and animals. Imagine waiting in that line, for that water, for up t0 12 hours. Sometimes overnight. Now image what happens that they water source runs dry for several weeks, twice a year. 

That's the plight our friends in the Changuli region of Kenya faced every day. This largely agricultural community of 7,000 people

"I used to wait in line for hours to get only a few liters of water. Sometimes the pit would run dry before I could get any. Now, with this well, we all have as much as we need, whenever we need it! Thank you Amani Foundation!" 

- Local resident

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