Mulango Community

Solar Powered Well

Project Details

Location: Kitui County, Kenya

Project: Solar powered deep borehole well  

Project Year: 2021

Community Impact: 4,000 residents including the Kyangunga primary and secondary schools

Project Fund: $22,000

The Impact

This community of roughly 4,000 people have been getting their water supply from the Nzeu River which is seasonal and unpredictable. Kitui is a semi-arid region characterized by highly erratic and unreliable rainy periods. The main economic activity is rain-fed agriculture. Irrigation agriculture only takes place on small plots on the river banks and water availability is often a limiting factor of sustainable agricultural development. As a result many families have to port water when it's available to their homes for cooking, cleaning, drinking and irrigation. Children often miss school or fall behind because they have to help with this burden. 

The Amani Foundation was able to install a deep borehole, solar powered well that is producing a consistent water source for all to share. The well is also shared by the students of Kyangunga secondary and primary schools. This well will be a major source of sustainable change in this community.

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