The Amani Children's Home

Pandemic Relief

Project Details

Location: Amani Children's Home, Machakos County, Kenya

Project: Pandemic Relief food and medical supply and phase 1 of security wall  

Project Year: 2020

Community Impact: 150 Children and over 2,000 local residents

Project Fund: $20,000

The Impact

When you think about how difficult the pandemic has been here in America, it's hard to imagine what it's been like in developing countries like Kenya. When the Kenyan Government issues a stay at home order, travel restrictions almost immediately impacted the food supply chain. As the situation became more dire, men from the surrounding area began to come onto the Amani property to steal fruit, vegetables and even their chickens. The staff and children found themselves with less and less food everyday. 

The Amani Foundation raised the funds to send emergency relief for food, medical supplies and to begin phase 1 of a large security wall around the entire permitter of the home that is roughly five acres. 

"When the pandemic hit we were really struggling to get food and supplies. But the Amani Foundation supplied us with food and toiletries for the kids and it was such a blessing. During the pandemic, some men came onto our property and stole food. The Amani Foundation also sent the funds to build a security wall all the way around our campus. We've even been able to hire a guard at night. The kids feel very safe now and there has been no more problems. We are so thankful for this gift!" 

- Alfred Bahati, Co-Founder and Director, The Amani Children's Home

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