Shujaa Community Center

Culinary School and Cafe

Project Details

Location: Shujaa Valley, Nairobi County, Kenya

Project: Fully functional commercial kitchen within community center

Project Year: 2020

Community Impact: Unlimited

Project Fund: $15,000

The Impact

"Kenyan's love to eat! And we can feed them!"

Those are the words of Andrew Guya, founder of the Shujaa Community Center. This life changing trade school will offer training in Culinary Arts, Carpentry, Tailoring, Photography, Videography and Video and Sound Production. In addition to specific trades, The Shujaa Community Center will offer business and computer classes to help students succeed. 

Phase One of the trade school is the Shujaa School of Culinary Arts program. Students will learn all aspects of starting and running a successful restaurant/catering company. And it's not just theory being taught. This is a working kitchen with a full running cafe and catering experience. Students are learning in a real world setting while creating a revenue stream that goes back into the Shujaa Community Center. 

The Amani Foundation supplied the funds to complete a commercial kitchen including stoves, oven, refrigeration, large capacity mixer, tables and more. We also supplied tables, chairs and lighting to complete the top floor of the Shujaa Community Center, creating a wonderful cafe with stunning views of the Shujaa Valley. Local families will be able to enjoy a meal together prepared by the staff and students of the culinary school with proceeds going to fund more job training opportunities. In addition to onsite and take away dining, the cafe offers catering and event rentals. 

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