Clean Water


The Amani Foundation

The Amani Children’s Home was launched in 2011 by Alfred and Irene Bahati. Together with a dedicated staff of teachers and directors, The Amani Children’s Home cares for over 100 children daily. Currently, 50 children live full time at Amani and 50+other children come from the surrounding community each day for food, water, and education.



Most of the residential children that live full time at Amani have been rescued from horrific situations. These children have endured abuse, neglect and even forced labor. Some of the children lost both parents to AIDS/HIV. At Amani, these children have found an oasis of love, care, and true family. Every child is cared for and is experiencing healing and growth physically, emotionally and mentally.

Solar Powered Well – COMPLETE!!!


The Amani Children’s Home now has unlimited, clean water! Because of the generosity of so many people, The Amani Foundation raised over $25,000 to install a 950-foot deep borehole well. The system includes a solar-powered wellhead pump and large water tank perched atop a 25ft water tower. This enables the entire property to be gravity fed. Pictured above is a team from FREEDOM Church as well as The Amani Foundation Board members who had the honor of dedicating the well. The Amani Children’s Home has also been able to construct a laundry area, new bathrooms and even a large shower room for the children. Imagine that, showers in the middle of an African drought where there is no running water. Until now. That’s what we do at The Amani Foundation. We help those who are changing lives in developing countries do what they do better.